Fischman Discovers Fraud in Public Bidding process by the Miami Parking Authority

What started out as a standard public bid challenge, progressed into a contentious lawsuit involving Moishe Mana and The City of Miami Parking Authority. MPA said that Mana lost the bid and that MPA notified his organization of the award to another bidder as required by the law. However, Mr. Fischman disputed that fact, a precondition to the award.  During the course of the litigation, Mr. Fischman discovered that the head of procurement for MPA falsified the notice and back dated the same by 6 months. Rolando Tapanes, the long time procurement officer, was terminated upon the discovery, and the case settled. Mr. Mana received the rights to 40 stories of airspace next to his current property and above the MPA parcel for future development. His cost: One Dollar.

Miami Parking Authority says emails at center of lawsuit were falsified-Smiley.pdf

Miami Parking Authority Falsified Emails To Keep Moishe Mana From Challenging Bid.pdf