Fox News-Online Rants Not Always Free Speech

Miami lawyer Bruce Fischman recently won a suit against a former employee of HealthSouth who anonymously posted hundreds of messages about a CEO’s wife having lewd sexual affairs. The defendant was forced to give money to women’s' rights groups and to teach illiterate people to read.

"I’m not a zealot, but I don’t believe that the right to speech is the right to hurt someone," Fischman said. "Companies aren’t going to take this sitting down."

"But Fischman said anonymity is fleeting and not all free speech will be protected. Offenders will be subject to the power of the subpoena."

"I’m sure there are people and companies that abuse the privilege. I can assure you that not all (subpoenas) are meritorious. But in our legal system, plaintiffs have the right to proceed in court." 

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