Fischman settles Mana suit with Grand Station and MPA

February 10, 2017 -The Miami Parking Authority approved a sublease of air rights in early  February that will allow developer Moishe Mana to move forward with his  plans for a residential high-rise. Fischman and his Firm were effective in negotiating and drafting the settlement with the Miami Parking Authority and Grand Station that will allow Mana to use approximately forth (40) stories of air rights above Parcel B for One ($1) dollar per year with the option to purchase the airspace for one ($1) dollar and for parking spaces in the existing MPA garage allocated for Mana's project. This will allow Mana to expand the plans for his proposed Microtower above his property and add other uses such as hotel, retail, office uses that would not have been possible without the benefits of the settlement. The litigation has been voluntarily dismissed by the court by agreement of all parties. Certainly the discovery of the falsified documents by MPA in the lawsuit facilitated the ability of Fischman to settle the lawsuit in a way that was beneficial to his client Mana. See articles below. 

MPA Mana Litigation Settles.pdf