Bruce Fischman files suit for Moishe Mana company challenging Miami Parking Authority’s deal with rival developer

The Mana team, through no fault of its own due to improper notice, discovered late in the game that the Miami Parking Authority (MPA), an autonomous Division of the City of Miami, had put out for bid under their new public private partnership law (P3) the redevelopment of Parcel B, which is the land adjacent to the headquarters for MPA. Following a full hearing of the MPA board on November 4, 2015, the MPA voted to move forward with Grand Station Partners instead of Moishe Mana to develop Parcel B. Mana owns a third of the city block adjacent to Parcel B and certainly had a substantial interest in bidding.

The official Transcript of Mr. Fischman's arguments and presentations to the MPA Board on November 4, 2015 are attached hereto for review on pages 17-46.   11-04-15_fulltranscript.pdf

Mana administratively appealed the decision of the Board through The Fischman Law Firm, P.A. and upon denial by MPA, Mana filed suit against MPA. See Miami Herald Article attached. 

 MiamiHeralsd MPA article.pdf